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Welcome to the
World's Largest Marble Exhibit

Visit the Vermont Marble Exhibit here at our web site or make it a destination on your next trip to Vermont. Located in Central Vermont, the Exhibit is easy to reach from all major vacation travel routes.

Museum Preview

Preview our museum and the many educational and exciting exhibits. Start off by reading a review by a travel magazine writer - and then delve further into what you can discover about marble, geology, history and science! Enter here...

Sutherland Falls Quarry Site - just a short walk from the Museum

This summer brings lots of reasons to visit or revisit the museum in Proctor, VT.

We recently completed the walkway to the original "Sutherland Falls Quarry", 1/8 mile down the road. You can walk or drive and view the original quarry.

Calcium Carbonate!?

Together with Omya, our neighbor in Proctor, Vermont, and the premier producer of ground calcium carbonate (marble) products. We have opened a new educational room on the current uses of Calcium Carbonate in the Paper, Paint, Plastic, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries  - for example, Chewing Gum & Toothpaste,'ll be surprised!


Gift Shop Treasures

The Museum Gift Shop at the Vermont Marble Museum has unique gifts made from marble and precious stones quarried in Vermont and all over the world. We have a new line of gifts made from our Vermont Verde Antique! We look forward to helping you select the perfect gift at factory direct prices!

Vermont Lifestyle Magazine/Catalogue Vermont Lifestyle
Our New Gift Magazine

This year we published the second issue of our magazine/catalogue, combining our marble gifts with tips, recipes and interesting profiles of Vermonters - so -

Whether you are a weekend Vermonter or  born and bred, our gift catalogue will delight you!

If you would like to receive the next issue this August/September, email us your address at:  !

NEW Vermont Marble/Vermont Lifestyle Gift Website

Our new gift shop website, Vermont Lifestyle is up and running. We offer all our marble gifts, along with some special Vermont products. Secure E-Commerce makes it easy and safe to do all your shopping. Please visit the new site and ENJOY!

Enter here... 

Group Tours begin!

This season brings a full plan of tour - buses, Elterhostel, and school groups to the museum. We offer reduced rates to groups of 20 or more! Smaller groups, families and individuals can book ahead for reduced rates! Find out more here...





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