Vermont Marble: From the Supreme Court to your Home

Marble is an important Vermont natural resource -- it has touched nearly everyone! We hope you enjoy our introduction to the exhibit. It's your connection to the history, science and art of Vermont Marble! We have been presenting the past present and future of marble, as used in art, as building material and amazing world of everyday uses for more that 20 years!

Plan to visit us!

Since we're located in Central Vermont, the exhibit is easy to reach from all major vacation travel routes

Take a walk to the Sutherland Falls Quarry Site.

We recently completed the walkway to the original "Sutherland Falls Quarry", 1/8 mile down the road. You can walk or drive and view the original quarry.
For more information about the quarry click here.

Group Tours

We offer a full plan for tour-buses, Eltherhostel, and school groups to the museum. We offer reduced rates to groups of 20 or more! Smaller groups, families and individuals can book ahead for reduced rates! Click here to learn more..

Vermont Marble History

Marble in History

Learn the history of marble. From facinating ways of quarrying it to famous places Vermont Marble is being used.

Marble Elegance

Our gift shop features hundreds of items that make unique and beautiful gifts that last a lifetime.

Marble in Art

Visit our art studio and Gallery. Meet our resident artist and view many fine works.

Calcium Carbonate?

Together with Omya, our neighbor in Proctor, Vermont, and the premier producer of ground calcium carbonate (marble) products. We have opened a new educational room on the current uses of Calcium Carbonate in the Paper, Pain, Plastic, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries - for example, Chewing Gum & Toothpaste,'ll be surprised!

The museum is located off VT Rt 3 in Proctor VT Click here for easy instructions
Click here for information on our Gift Store


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