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A fine Verde Antique Table top in the museum

Add the timeless elegance and longevity
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See a complete marble kitchen and bath on display!

The Vermont Marble Museum has carried into present day the long and storied history of the Vermont Marble Company. The expertise and resources that are important to our customers are a point of pride to us and remain as part of the experience we offer. We specialize in high end, creative fabrication in Vermont Verde Antique green, Vermont Danby white, and Vermont Champlain Black marble. We can also source slate, granite, soapstone or many other natural stone materials for fabrication.

Robert Pye will be your contact. We want to strongly emphasize that his position is to act as your advocate and guide. The people who will be fabricating your project are forth and fifth generation “Marble Men.” If a particular project requires artistic skills and custom design the person fabricating will be a well know sculptor/marble fabricator who you will have opportunity to work directly with in order to customize your project.

“Our intention is to provide you with a learning experience and immersion into the world of fine marble as well as an amenity for your home or business. We love what we do and intend to fully involve you in the process!”
- Robert Pye

Call Robert to discuss your project today at 800 427 1396 or send him an

A Picture of an elegant marble fireplace
A Picture of a finely designed marble bathroom
A Picture of a large marble fireplace
A Picture of an amazing marble kitchen
A Picture of a timeless marble altar
A Picture of a large marble room